Cloud Cost Management Simplified

Manage AWS, Azure and GCP costs at one place  

Detailed view of your Cloud Spending across individual teams

Reduce your Cloud expenses by upto 40%


Get started with FREE tools, and upgrade as you grow

All the Cost Management Functionality you really need


Cost Monitoring

Get a granular view of your Cloud spending. Receive alerts when individual teams exceed Cloud spending budgets


Resource Scheduling

Shutdown idle resources when not used. Reduce your Cloud Spending by setting up automated shutdown policies


Automated Policies

Define a set of automated policies across teams. Identify unused resources, setup policies to run in an automated manner


Resource Management

Cloud Resource management greatly simplified. Change the tag and the costs get billed to another organization


Cost Show Back

Identify spending of each team across Cloud Providers. Implement show back of Cloud usage costs to individual teams



Granular team-wise recommendations to reduce Cloud costs. Use automated policies for implementation

Don’t just view reports

Take Action

Our sophisticated engine identifies actions to be taken.
We don’t stop there. We go one step ahead and execute them also for you

Integrate with your existing workflow and tools

Your life and workflows remain the same without any changes. We perform all the heavy lifting integration work for you. We integrate with all the provisioning tools that you generally use

1. Register for Cost Management
To get started, it's as simple as signing up with your enterprise email address (No credit card information required)
2. Configure Cloud Connectors
Configure Enterprise Cloud Connectors to connect to your AWS, Azure or GCP account
3. Automated Cost Management
Let Corz Cloud do all the work for you! We will ensure that you always stay within budget

How we stack up

Well you are right. There are other providers who do something similar. Let us compare our offerings with what competitors provide. And don’t forget, they charge you much more for very limited functionality !

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Automated Policies
Declarative Cost Management
Customer Environment Management
Cost Saving Recommendations
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Instance Scheduling
Single Dashboard View
Resource Tagging
Free 24/7 Support

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